How to read the PE,PB,Div Yield Charts?

One of the Most important factors for the investment in the Indian stock market is valuation. You can compare the historical data of Nifty 50 and Nifty Sectoral Indices’ PE ratio, PB ratio, Dividend yield ratio by visual charts to know about the undervaluations /overvaluations/fair valuations of Nifty50 or other Nifty Indices.

Do you provide any indices or stocks related tips?

Sorry friends , we do not provide any types of tips or advisory services.

How can we use the PE Ratio , PB Ratio, Div Yield Charts?

You can compare the historical data of the Nifty 50 and Nifty sectoral Indices to analyze the overvalution/undervaluation/fairly-valued levels to take any decision on your own.

Have you provided the Average value of PE ratio of Nifty Indices?

Yes we have shown the Average value of PE ratio of every Nifty Indices in the charts as per the duration and availability of historical data.

Do you analyze any Stocks PE Ratio Historical Charts?

No, we only analyze and display Nifty 50 and Nifty Sectoral Indices PE, PB, Div Yield Charts as per the available data.

From where you have collected the data and are they authenticated?

We have collected the authenticated data from the National Stock Exchange.We update the charts as per the availability of the row data.

Will you give refund of the payment made by subscriber to subscribe any paid service?

No, we will not refund any amount once the amount of the subscription or any service has paid by the subscriber.

Can we use your charts to display at our site or blog?

Yes, you can use them with displaying our source; for the same.

Will you guide to act from your displayed PE charts?

Friends, you can read the visual data from the charts and decide on your own as we do not give any type of advice or tips.

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